"A relentless and uncompromising record, Haunt Me As I Roam burns with the intensity of a wildfire, fuelled by a rage that has been internalised for too long."


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Antagonist AD’s music and message could be best described as 'modern hardcore with old school ethics'. It is raw aggression at its purest and sincerest - not watered down or compromised in any way. With a ferocious live show that serves as an energetic, cathartic experience, the band delivers a relentless performance that should not be missed. Harnessing the frantic intensity of hardcore and the heavy, abrasive sounds of early metalcore, Antagonist AD’s infectious sound is sure to leave a lasting impact.

Lyrically the band speaks of the cancerous nature of western culture, the infectiousness of apathy, its symptoms & consequences, and the exploitation of animals across the world, for pleasure, science, fashion or food. With topics ranging from social and political commentary to brutally honest self-retrospect and analysis, Antagonist AD are full of venom, conviction & passion. Still screaming, still fighting for change.


Band Members: 

Sam Crocker - Vocals

Matt Livingstone - Guitar

Luke Manson - Bass

Jai Morrow - Drums 

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