Limited Edition Pha Yant

20cm x 20xm


Pha Yant (pronounced “paa yan”) is the name of a design which has been imprinted or drawn upon a piece of linen or other kind of cloth, typically containing ancient characters, geometric symbols and pictures. The Pha Yant has been used for many purposes ranging from a headscarf, handkerchief to a Bucha item on the wall of a shrine or temple. Pha Yant can feature various pictorial designs and geometric spells ranging from Pure Buddhist, through Brahman and Animist Deities, to outright black magic spells. Many temples issue editions of Pha Yant, and this is, apart from being an object of faith and magical practices, is also an artistic medium with its own collectors circles. Pha Yant can be appreciated and collected for religious, cultural, historical and artistic reasons.

All Things Limited Edition Pha Yant